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Technology Meets Sustainability

Redefining AI and Quantum Computing for a Sustainable Future

Enhancing Performance, Reducing Costs, and Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

Qsimov GreenLightning AI System

A revolutionary AI system design that accurately emulates any feed-forward neural network, while enabling much faster retraining.

Our AI system redefines the possibilities by enabling (federated) incremental retraining without suffering from catastrophic forgetting. Experience unprecedented optimization as we slash retraining times by two or three orders of magnitude.

Key Features
(Federated) Incremental Retraining
Allowing your centralized or federated AI model to retrain by processing only the new samples.
No Catastrophic Forgetting
Knowledge previously acquired from old samples is kept without having to process old samples again. Alternatively, previous knowledge can be configured to be progressively forgotten.
Optimal Inference Accuracy
Achieves an inference accuracy on par with or exceeding that of neural networks.
Seamless Integration
Seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows, ensuring a smooth transition to a more advanced and sustainable AI paradigm.
Remarkable Optimization
Reduction in Retraining Times
Our technology has slashed retraining times by two to three orders of magnitude.
Significant Increase in Energy Efficiency
Energy savings are proportional to the reduction in retraining times. Thus, accomplishing a 100 to 1000-fold boost in energy efficiency through our innovative approach.
No More Black Boxes — Enhanced Model Explainability
Bring transparency to the forefront. Delve into the intricacies of your models. Discover how each input affects each output for any given sample, unlocking valuable insights for model design and improvement.

Works with

Works with tensor flow, keras and pytorch


Financial Services
Risk management, fraud detection, credit scoring, and more.
Industrial Processes
Predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, quality control, and more.
Autonomous Vehicles
Object detection, image classification, and beyond.
Future Development
Generative AI
From robotics and climate intelligence to geospatial analysis and agricultural research.
Future Development
Quantum Computing

Neighborhood Quantum Superposition

Leverages advanced quantum algorithms to generate highly efficient superposition states


Choose from various superposition types to optimize your quantum computations.

Efficiency Boost

Achieve superior algorithmic performance with strategically crafted superpositions.

Flexible Integration

Seamlessly integrate Neighborhood Quantum Superposition into your existing quantum workflows.


Harness the power of quantum superposition conveniently through our cloud-based platform.
Quantum Optimization

Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solving
Advanced Quantum Cryptography
Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum Simulation

About Us

Leading the new technological paradigm in a sustainable way.

Qsimov represents a vision for sustainable leadership in the emerging technological paradigm. We specialize in providing forefront solutions in Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, envisioning these technologies as indispensable for the businesses of tomorrow.


Meet Our Team

Experts dedicated to technological innovation.
Raúl Mata Jiménez
Ginés Sánchez Navarro
José Duato
PhD, Quantum Computing
José Javier Paulet

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